Real Estate Analysis and Commentary in Houston

The Demolition report lists buildings that have received City of Houston Demolition permits. This has been produced in respect to our fallen SwampLot service, farewell and thank you!

Ripe for Demos early in the year is our very own 77009 zipcode around the Woodland's Heights area.
Also a couple properties in Meyerland
In addition the Meyergrove Apartments have reports of some of the buildings are being demolished as well. (Reports suggest that this property did flood in Hurricane Harvey)

1030 Wirt Rd (Ewing)
3410 Montrose Blvd (La Colombe Dor Property) 
2620 West Sam Houston South Pky  (City West Place)
4013 Pinemont Dr (Rosslyn Heights)
5630 Dolores St (Westheimer Estates)
4605 N Braeswood Blvd Bld 9 (Meyergrove Apartments)
4605 N Braeswood Blvd Bld10 (Meyergrove Apartments)
4605 N Braeswood Blvd Bld 4 (Meyergrove Apartments)
4605 N Braeswood Blvd Bld 8 (Meyergrove Apartments)
3523 N Mccarty St (NE Houston)
9500 Manchester St (Manchester)
13719 White Heather Dr Bld C (Brentwood)
13719 White Heather Dr Bld D (Brentwood)
8022 Kimble St 
955 Westcott St (Memorial Club West)
1107 Shepherd Dr (Brunner)
1107 Berthea St (Berthea Place)
1741 Forest Hill Blvd (Forest Hill)
5147 Darnell St (Meyerland)
5003 Yarwell Dr (Meyerland)
5241 Feagan St (Washington)
903 Willard St (Weston)
824 Euclid St (Woodland Heights)
1634 Althea Dr (Oak Forest)
6221 Fairchild St (Settegast Gardens)
3522 Bradford St (Bradford Place)
5131 Jackwood St (Meyerland)
7714 Bryonwood Dr (Brykerwoods)
915 Redan St (Woodson Place)
13415 Saint Marys Ln (Wilchester)
4710 Gunter St (Pinecrest Ct)
2524 Brinkman St (Shady Acres)
947 Highland St (Woodson Place)
5200 Jensen Dr Bld 1 (Dyche Apartments)
6602 Teluco St (Westview Terrace)
1012 1/2 Eubanks St 
6260 Doliver Dr (Briargrove)
6015 Pine Forest Rd (Tanglewood)
4357 Aledo St (Ruberfield)
917 Omar St (Woodson Place)
1458 Lombardy St (Broadmoor)
14415 Broadgreen Dr  (Nottingham Forest)
9634 Pine Lake Dr (Long Point Woods)
710 74th St 
114 E 39th St (Sabayrac)
1507 Truxillo St (Empire)
3610 Mount Vernon St (Montrose)
4907 Valkeith Dr (Meyerland)
4115 Whitman St  (Weslayan Plaza)

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